Technology Company Selects New Name to Represent its Leadership in Digital Experience Management Solutions for Global Hospitality Brands

Toronto, Canada – February 5, 2018: WebCanada, a technology company that empowers global hotel brands to deliver superior digital experiences, is excited to announce that it is changing its name to Achiga, a word used to describe a partner who is committed to empowering you to achieve.

Same DNA. New Name.

As Achiga, the company will continue to help hotel brands deliver exceptional digital experiences across the consumer’s omnichannel digital journey, including hotel websites, landing pages, mobile apps, call centers, kiosks, digital signage and more.

The rebrand includes the launch of a new logo, brand positioning and website,, which replaces and is the new hub of the company’s digital presence and interaction with existing and prospective clients. The company will continue to stay focused on continuously empowering people and customers to achieve while operating with a global footprint and head office in Toronto, Canada.

“One of the most important phrases to describe the Achiga brand identity is ‘achievement-focused’ which is consistent with the kind of company, people, culture and products we’ve nurtured and built over the years. This journey has always been about achievement and empowering people and customers. It’s in our DNA and won’t change as our story continues to unfold,” states Peter Pietrzkiewicz, Founder, Achiga.

Over more than twenty years of innovation, dedication and achievement, while working with the world’s most notable hotel brands, the company has developed the only hotel-specific digital experience management solution of its kind, known as Live Enterprise. The features and functionality that set it apart from general content and experience management solutions, include:

  • CMS is centered on management of content independent of channel or presentation layer
  • Simple, intuitive user interface with exceptional ‘walkup’ usability
  • API-first approach with seamless integrations between applications and other systems
  • Hotel-specific capabilities and modules to drive direct bookings
  • Localization and comprehensive multi-language capability
  • Enterprise-level scalability and flexibility

“We’ve always been about creating software and solutions to help people succeed. The reason we put so much effort into making our products so simple is because of the people we create them for – the marketers that need to create digital experiences quickly, easily and cost effectively,” says John McAuliffe, President, Achiga.

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About Achiga (formerly WebCanada): Achiga is a global technology company providing solutions to the most notable hotel brands in the world. Live Enterprise is a hotel-specific, enterprise-level Digital Experience Management solution, that helps hotel brands deliver great digital experiences that increase and strengthen the relationship they have between hotel, the guest and the brand. Achiga’s technology is credited for being easy-to-use, intuitive, dynamic and personalized.