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You need a digital experience management platform to build your brand and delight your customers. Find out why Achiga’s Live Enterprise is the DEM solution of choice for hotel marketers.

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Why Live Enterprise is the right digital experience management solution for your hotel brand

If you’re ready to take your hotel brand’s digital marketing to the next level and deliver great digital experiences across the entire guest journey, a digital experience management platform can take you there. And at Achiga, we believe our Live Enterprise digital experience platform is right system for the job.

Achiga’s Live Enterprise is a best-in-class solution, designed for hotel brands like yours, that delivers everything you need to deliver great digital experiences. It helps hospitality marketers improve the relationships and interactions between their hotel, their guests and their brand.

Let’s take a deeper look into that statement to show you how Live Enterprise does it, and why it matters to you as a hospitality marketer.

About Achiga’s Live Enterprise

Achiga’s Live Enterprise is a digital experience management platform consisting of an enterprise level Content Management System, an extensive API ecosystem and pre-built applications designed for hotel eCommerce. The system supports over 13,000 users around the world, with customers such as Marriot, The Set Hotels and Design Hotels.

At Achiga, we’ve been working with the world’s most notable hospitality brands for more than 20 years, developing hotel-specific content and digital experience management solutions. Live Enterprise is the culmination of that experience: a complete hotel digital experience management platform, with pre-built applications and functionality that deliver superior digital experiences that increase revenue for hotel brands.

Ultimately what makes Live Enterprise the right digital experience management platform for modern hotel marketers is exactly that: It was designed and built from the ground up specifically for hoteliers, with the needs of hospitality industry in mind.

To translate that sentence into tangible benefits, Live Enterprise offers:

  • Enterprise-level flexibility, scalability and reliability
  • An extensive API library to ensure your applications communicate effectively
  • An easy-to-use, hotel-specific content management system

Three Reasons Why Live Enterprise is Right for You

Because it’s built specifically for hotel brands like yours, Live Enterprise has the features and functionality needed to create effective digital experiences that surprise and delight today’s travelers. Here’s how Live Enterprise helps you and your team bring those experiences to life:

Enterprise-level flexibility, scalability and reliability

What it is: Achiga’s Live Enterprise is a DEM platform that that helps hotel groups manage their brand and experiences across all of their channels. More than a basic website builder or  generic CMS, Live Enterprise is an enterprise-level solution—to meet the needs of today’s users while maintaining enough flexibility to adapt as those needs evolve.

In contrast to other enterprise level solutions, Live Enterprise requires a much lower investment of time and resources to get up-and-running. A true plug-and-play solution, Live Enterprise offers a diverse range of prebuilt, ready-to-deploy applications specifically developed to meet the needs of the hotel industry.

Why it matters: We understand the importance of reliability and security; enterprise-level, professional-grade technology means you don’t have to worry about system availability, security and privacy.

The Live Enterprise technology stack is also built with a “one to many” architecture, meaning that, while brand consistency and standards are controlled from the top, individual groups and partners have control over management of content at a local level. This makes Live Enterprise ideal for globally distributed teams working on and managing content for websites in multiple languages, and for groups that are expanding and opening new properties. And because Live Enterprise is so easy to use, you’ll be able to scale up without adding significant new headcount to your marketing teams.

In addition, because Live Enterprise is designed to meet your needs today and tomorrow, you don’t have to worry about your investment degrading over time or replacing the system in three years; no matter how you grow or how the market changes, Live Enterprise will evolve with you.

Extensive API library to connect applications

What it is: Live Enterprise’s extensive library of APIs ensures easy integration between it and the systems you already use every day, including hotel-specific applications such as your online reservation system and delivery system; business applications like your CRM and payment gateways; and marketing solutions such as SEO and web analytics.

Why it matters: Live Enterprise’s API-first approach doesn’t just ensure that all of your systems can “see” data from each other; it allows the systems to communicate, so that data and content can move between applications, and multiple systems can deliver that content depending on specific use cases.

The enhanced communication between systems improves automation and reduces the manual workload for your marketing teams. The increased productivity improved usability means you and your teams can focus on building your brand, not your marketing materials.

Easy-to-use CMS designed for hotels

What it is: Live CMS is a fully functional content management system, with a familiar front-end that’s easy to learn and use, supported by an extensive list of hotel-specific features and modules. Those modules include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Property Manager – create and manage custom sites for a single hotel or a group of hotels.
  • Offers – promote special offers across channels.
  • Translations – automatically translate content and publish it locally.
  • Restaurant and Food & Beverage – create customs sites for your restaurant, and drive reservations; do the same for spas, weddings and other services.
  • Meetings – market your meeting and event space
  • Corporate Bookings – dynamically generated corporate landing pages.
  • Events Management – create and select which properties can be associated with a particular event and calendar.
  • Local Area/Destinations Management – keep guests informed of local happenings.

Why it matters: When we say Live CMS is designed for hotel marketers, that doesn’t just mean that the modules are hotel-specific; it means that the interface itself is designed by and for hotel marketing end-users, so that they can easily self-manage websites, content and campaigns.

This makes Live CMS ideal for hotel groups that require a central hub to manage multiple web and mobile experiences, not just for their hotels, but also for their restaurants, spas, meeting rooms and other amenities. Your marketing teams will no longer need to manage multiple websites and digital applications separately, freeing up their time to build more effective, engaging campaigns that generate revenue.

Great guest experiences today and tomorrow

As a modular, enterprise-level system with extensive API functionality and multiple hotel-specific modules for its CMS, Achiga’s Live Enterprise is positioned to help you engage with customers today, and to build memorable experiences with them over the long-term. Live Enterprise grows with you; you can add functionality as you need it, quickly and easily.

Live Enterprise will help you take your brand’s digital experience to new territories. It’s the right choice for hotel marketers looking to create targeted, memorable omni-channel experiences between their brand and customers in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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