Features & Benefits

Pre-Built and Customizable Apps

Benefit from pre-built marketing applications that can be customized or have bespoke custom applications built and managed on Live CMS.

Cloud Based

Simplify the management of complex branded web environments with access to your Live CMS any time, from anywhere, in the cloud.


Improve productivity with an incredibly intuitive interface for any business user, NO computer programming skills required.

Ensures Consistency

Built around a “one-to-many” approach that enables localized partner support, while maintaining your corporate brand consistency.

Reduces Costs

Because it is self-serve, it allows you to reduce on-going maintenance costs and gives you immediate control over your content.

Audit User Activity

Access time-stamped user activity data with detailed, searchable audit logs that you can export at any time.

Source Content

Allow for photos submitted by photographers, bloggers and other media member to be directly added to a property’s asset management module and be published on applications.

Stay Consistent

Custom templates ensure that the look and feel of your brand will remain consistent across all your web applications. Content is the only thing that changes from application to application.

Integrate With Your Systems

Easily integrate Live CMS with your online systems, including your online reservation system, online delivery system, CRM, payment gateways, SEO solution, web analytics, and more.


Build and foster loyalty with your customers using the secure Live CMS customer profile platform that enables customers to easily sign-up, login and manage their profiles.

Define Your Room Types

Create, store, and categorize room information. Associate multi-media, floorplans, amenities, prices and square footage to them.

Manage Digital Assets

Upload, edit, store and use digital assets such as photos, pdf documents, 360 images, videos for use in applications and website media galleries.

Centralize Property Information

Manage property contact information for use across all products in one central system.

Control User Access

Add, remove and manage access and permissions for a large number of services and users using Single Sign-On (SSO).

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