WebCanada is now Achiga

It is exciting experiencing growth and watching and participating in moving your company through its various stages of life. Watching it grow and move through its adolescence and teen-age years ready to make an indelible contribution as an adult is the stuff of dreams. I have done this a few times in my career and now I have an “on-stage” role in helping make this happen at WebCanada.

For over twenty years, WebCanada has been helping hotels achieve greatness with their digital presence. We started with humble beginnings (Windows 95, Netscape and “dial-up” internet) and grew with our clients as we all moved from web to digital, from desktop to mobile and from mobile to contextual. In the process we have become an integral technology- and solutions provider to many of the world’s most recognized hotel brands.

Today, in all our adulthood, we are helping our customers deliver great digital experiences in an omnichannel environment.

Our Why

Our core functional purpose has evolved as the landscape in digital has moved beyond a web page. Our technology and solutions have helped our customers conquer new channels and reach their audiences with great digital experiences. The reason we believe we have been able to chart new territories and lead the digital revolution is because we are motivated by a purpose beyond our commercial reason for existing. We believe and are inspired by our true purpose, a cause that we are committed to and that provides clarity for what we do every day.

To empower people everywhere to achieve.

Many years ago, we established our core purpose – our why – “to empower people everywhere to achieve”. It is this purpose that inspires us. It is this purpose that motivates our actions. We established and articulated our value declarations – how we want to interact with each other, our customers and partners. How we want to be viewed in the world.

Our value declarations and principles are:

  • We bring continuous innovative thinking to all aspects of our business.
  • We believe in delivering solutions that are intuitive, simple, and efficient.
  • We believe reliability is critical.
  • We operate with enthusiasm, discipline and effectiveness.
  • We are passionately committed to creating trusted partnerships.

We’re dynamic, approachable, savvy, fun, organized, strategic thinkers. We’re also humbly exceptional. That’s why, to date, we’ve kept a lower profile than most and our story isn’t widely known.

We believe now is the time to adopt a name for the ages and our path forward. Now, it’s time we share the story of where we came from, where we are today, and where we’re going.


We chose Achiga as it is a word that supports our purpose of empowering people everywhere to achieve. It supports our desire to work as a true partner to each other, our customers and partners. It is a word that says no matter what – through thick and thin – we are a committed friend focused on helping you achieve.

Our Origins

Peter Pietrzkiewicz started WebCanada while he was a high school student. It was 1995. A time when Windows 95 was new on the scene, people had to “dial up” to the internet, used Netscape as their web browsers, and only “computer geeks” had email addresses. As part of a computer science class project, Peter obtained an internet account and started setting his family and friends up on the web. That’s when WebCanada was born.

Circa 1997, building and maintaining a website was so complex that companies had to hire IT people to make the simplest changes. Peter knew there must be a better way so WebCanada developed a Web Maintenance System (WMS), now known as a Content Management System (CMS).

What clients loved most about having a website built on WebCanada’s WMS was that they could make changes themselves quickly and easily… they were empowered. The system’s cognitive simplicity, or as our clients today call it “walk-up usability,” meant that users didn’t require any training. This WMS was the very early stage foundation for what has become our intuitive, easy-to-use Digital Experience Management platform.

As demand for our services increased, we identified common challenges among hotel clients and began building products that solved those challenges. We worked with Starwood Hotels & Resorts and developed websites to enable consumers to book rooms directly online instead of through travel agents.

Where we are now

Digital Experience Management is the future of hotel digital marketing. We, along with the digital marketers that use our technology, are at the forefront of this revolution.

WebCanada’s technology and solutions enable hotel digital marketers from the world’s most recognized hotel brands generate over USD 1.5 billion each year in direct booking revenue. We’ve achieved significant growth and generated a loyal following that has built our business on referrals from peers and colleagues our original purpose – empowering people everywhere to achieve.

The early WMS we developed in 1997 is long gone, in its place is Live CMS (now in its fifth version) a hotel-centric Digital Experience Management System with more than 15,000 users worldwide. From webpage publishing and updates, to promotional landing pages, to online stores, food menu management, email campaigns, and a host of other Live CMS applications and API connectivity, hotel marketers have the tools they need to create and launch digital campaigns quickly, proactively, and cost effectively.

Today, the overall guest experience is significantly influenced by the experience delivered across an expanding list of digital channels. As a result, hotel brands must deliver great digital experiences everywhere – at every stage of the experience: shopping, buying, pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay – from web to mobile apps and sites to social communities, chatbots and beyond.

Until now, much of the technology solutions available to hotel marketers have been focused on two things, either – facilitating the distribution of inventory; or building websites. Our solution fills a gap in the marketplace by empowering omni-channel digital experience management – the complete guest digital experience across all channels and in all languages.

Our technology enables hotel marketers to provide personalized and consistent digital experiences across all channels, including hotel websites, landing pages, mobile apps, call centers, kiosks, digital signage, and more. We empower hotel brands with tools they need to accelerate and refine their omni-channel digital marketing, and deliver personalized and consistent user experiences.

Where we're going

Taking the name Achiga represents the next phase of the company. We’re ready to show the global hotel industry how our solutions empower hotel marketers to deliver exceptional digital experiences at every single guest touchpoint. As we work toward our goal to be recognized as a leader in technology for the global hotel market, we’ll continue to operate with a global footprint and our head office in Toronto, Canada.

Our new name – a friend… an amigo who is committed to empowering you to achieve – is aligned with our originating purpose, our value declarations and commitments.

We’ve come a long way and have a clear path forward. A path that involves growing, evolving and achieving while staying true to our values, our roots, and our DNA. As we travel down this path, we’ll continue to ask, “how do we empower our clients, our people and our company to achieve?” The answers will drive what we do, build, and achieve.

Achiga exists to empower people everywhere to achieve. It empowers hotel digital marketers to achieve success by delivering great digital experiences using a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools that are affordable, easy-to-use, and open for integration.


Live Enterprise

Achiga’s Live Enterprise Platform is an enterprise-level Digital Experience Management platform that is easy-to-use, intuitive, dynamic, personalized, and loved by hotel marketing teams globally.

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