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Executives from Google, Red Lion, ADARA, Achiga and Cendyn came together in one crowded breakout session to talk about how digital trends currently impact marketing efforts.

Watch this video to learn about:

✔ AI affecting hotels and digital marketing
✔ Hotels competing in digital marketing against OTAs
✔ How hoteliers need to take advantage of offline data in the digital landscape

Michael BennettSession moderated by Michael Bennett
Senior Vice President
Global Marketing

Watch the recorded session with the following guest speakers:

Stephen Diedrich – agency account strategist at Google.
Brandon Meyers – Chief Revenue Officer at Adara.
John McAuliffe – President of Achiga.
Calvin Anderson – SVP & Chief of Revenue Optimization, RLHC.

Below are some key takeaways from the session:

Michael Bennett: What’s the one thing you’re shocked that’s still not happening in digital marketing from a hotel perspective? 

John McAuliffe: For an industry that is dependent upon providing a curated experience when a guest comes on site to surprise and delight – that is absent for the most part on the digital landscape. Hoteliers have not done a good job of telling the story of their hotels in an engaging and experiential way to consumers when they go to their web sites. The experience should begin when guests are discovering them online.

In the digital landscape, hoteliers have yet not been able to tell a story. – John McAuliffe

Michael Bennett: How do you see AI affecting hotels and digital marketing?

Stephen Diedrich: Through machine learning. Letting machines and algorithms make decisions beside us. If you’re willing to pay $25 for a conversion, you tell us that and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s complex to wrap our heads around it, but it’s happening behind the scenes in advertising, bidding and AdTech. In the future, the consumer journey will get more complex as more devices per person come online. We’ll soon be bidding as marketers for ad touchpoints on Smart Assistants and other smart appliances. These new touchpoints are opportunities for hoteliers. Let’s be willing to bring this into our marketing strategies when that time comes and not be as resistant as we were during the mobile revolution.

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